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Avianca S.A. (acronym in Spanish for Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A., "Airways of the American Continent") is a Colombian airline. It has been the flag carrier of Colombia since 5 December 1919, when it was initially registered under the name SCADTA. It is headquartered in Bogotá, D.C. with its main hub at El Dorado International Airport.

A former employee said this in a review: "Very bad to work for Avianca. Management team was the worst part. Co-workers were very rude".


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Former Employee - Passenger Agent says

"Since avianca merge with Taca it became in a non customer service company!!!. His current Manager has lead this airline to its lowest point. He treat his employees as trash; no benefits, not time to go and take a break, not even the 15 mandatory minutes per ever 6 hours worked!. His push you to go and work on your days off and if you don't do it you will regret it sooner or later!!!. It is sad that a clean and honest company as avianca was 10 years ago, it is now a decadent an cheap company!!."

Current Employee - Coordinador Gestor De Producto says

"Don´ t pay Extra Hours Bad working environment If you make a mistake, you will be fired If you don´t agree with your boss, you will be fire"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Avianca is going into bankruptcy in a few days; for that reason is no longer a good option to develop your carreer"

Current Employee - Quality Manager says

"Motivation Lack of Bonus Payment delays due judicial reorganisation"

Current Employee - Agent de bord - Flight attendant says

"everything is not really professional and there is no Hierarchy."

Former Employee - Inventory Planning says

"facilities are really bad other than headquarters, Low strategy directions, no incentives, feel cold enviroment with directors and VP."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"family business, Quick decisions and"


"There is a lack of commitment from human resources as many managers and directors do not have constant follow up on their performances as bosses. Low salaries In order to be more competitive in Colombia as a work place perks should be improve. Eg: flexible schedules, early fridays. From my point of view there are a lot of improvements that can be done specially in the personal management areas. Create politics to helps workers to get a balance. Promote more healthy lifestyle. Some decisionas are taken based on friends recommendations more known as "rosca""

Current Employee - Systems Analyst says

"It doesn't offer a career, most of the opportunities changed in a short term, that means you'll stuck. In general there is not a professional growth plan."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"poor leadership, low compensation compared to market"

Analista de Sistemas (Current Employee) says

"Pues la verdad, es una gran experiencia trabajar con cualquier aerolinea, en este caso Avianca no es la mejor opcion ya que de entrada no tienen un plan de carrera para los nuevos contratados y menos si como empleado tienes esperanza en hacer carrera en esta aerolinea, ya no prometen mas que 3-4 años de trabajo, crecimiento interno ni de lado a lado y menos hacia arriba, como todo los grandes puestos ya están negociados."

Tripulante de Cabina (Former Employee) says

"No es buena empresa en cuestión de beneficios y oportunidades"

IT infrastructure specialist II (Current Employee) says

"Avianca saw better days, the environment has changed, they want everything centralized and with weak interiors, those who decide do not seem to know or ignore how this industry works. They focus on customers, which is good, but they do not respect industry and safety. They do not work with best practices. They seem to want to devalue the company ... intentionallyfree airline passes, no confirmed onesno extra time is paid"

Bilingual Passenger Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Pretty nice place to work, where young people can learn about a professional life, specially if they want to start a career on the aviation industry."

First Officer (Former Employee) says

"Muy buena experiencia pero no hay tiempo para una vida familiarHay oportunidades de crecimientoNo hay vida familiar"

Tecnico pintor (Former Employee) says

"Excelente empresa, deben poner ruta para trabajadores que viven fuera de la cuidad."

Sales Representative / Senior Translator (Former Employee) says

"Very nice to work for avianca, booking travel, making our customer happy.Management team was greatCo-workers were very nice and friendlyEnjoyed our uniformsgot to travel for free"

Tecnico II (Former Employee) says

"Despues de 8 años ahi, pues la verdad ha desmejorado en cuanto a incentivos salariales, la estabilidad no existe mas, ya no hay eventos para empleados, no hay fiesta de navidad como antes. El salario y escalafones no beneficia mucho, por suerte eso va quedar abolido. Lo unico realmente bueno es viajar standby, lo cual obtienes con otras aerolineas tambien."

encargado de aduanas y comat (Former Employee) says

"ambiente de trabajo relativamente conforme , mas que nada por que si pagan bien pero en cuestiones de clima laboral no es la adecuada.vales de alimentos, pasajes, movilidadno hay un buen clima laboral"

agente servicio al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente todos los compañeros están dispuestos ayudarte en cualquier inquietud que tengasTe ayudan a encontrar habilitadas y a que cada dia crezcas mas personal y profesionalNinguna"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Mucho a aprendizaje de manejar grupos y atención al clientePago a tiempoNo hay seguro .po co aumento"

Servicio al cliente (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente de trabajo era muy bueno en la mayoria de los casos los compañeros eran muy colaboradores y se contaba con el apoyo de los supervisores o personas encargadas."

Administrativo y Financiero (Former Employee) says

"Los recientes cambios en la estructura de la organización, comenzaron a traer innovación en los procesos reforzando el servicio al cliente, utilizando la tecnología para la conectividad, generando mentalidad productiva en su colaboradores reforzando su flexibilidad y adaptabilidad al cambio, y también calidad de vida en cuanto al tiempo que pueden dedicar a su vida personal.Ayudas con seguros de salud, tiquetes, beneficios monetariosEl apoyo economico no es fuerte para la educación superior, plan de carrera no esta bien definido"

Cargo Station Chief (Former Employee) says

"Travel a lot, meet people from different cultures and learn a lot from the airline business. Great place to learn about being a leader. A typical day in my position = Great!Flight benefitsNow (only) outsource employees in USA"

Agente lider de servicios (Former Employee) says

"Aprender a manejar los diferentes tipos de clientes internos y externos llanero del personal y conocer la aviación en todo su ambiente ñaboralPoco tiempo para las labores diarias"

iza filipek says

Cancelled my flights 3 months ago , no reply to the email ,can’t connect on the phone ,no reply on live chat , where is my refund AVIANCA ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is unacceptable, disgraceful airline!
Never again!"

ep says

The customer service team make ages (months to be more precise) to answer and when they do, they JUST NOT HELP YOU OUT.

Have been waiting since April 2021 for my refund.


Alex says

"My flight was cancelled due to COVID.
Client support team responds in whats app in several days not answering my question, but asking how can they help me. Happened at night and when I was busy. Then the thread closes in 5 minutes due to "inactivity".

The moments when I was fast enough to reply them before they shut the conversation their help was useless. They gave me link, which told me to contact their support team. By that time the conversation was closed by their side and i had to wait days again.

They were not able to tell me refund amount. They ask you to request a refund, so they will decide what amount to refund later. I had to choose between voucher (which is useless for me personally due to its validity time and avianca's directions) and refund of unknown amount. Essentially, the refund process is nothing but gambling.

The online form they provide for requesting refund is only partially translated into English. I could not enter national insurance number, as they don't allow letters in that field, (NIN format in UK has letters). I could not enter IBAN, as their length limit is 2 characters less than I have.

The overall experience is awful, never going using Avianca in the future. I will prefer longer journey next time than wasting my time trying to return my money."

Lara Surber says

"The lousiest homepage of an airline I have ever seen. Booking was nearly impossible, translation to German is a joke."

James Mcdonough says

"Worst airline in the world and I've been on +50. AVOID.

1. Checked a TUMI carry-on bag looking basically new and it came back like it had been dragged behind a truck, rips, holes, parts pulled off, etc. My tablet screen was smashed by someone opening it up and smashing the screen. Submitted photos and they offered me 4,000 airline points which is insulting. No cash to replace the bag or phone.

2. You can not get them on the phone, we tried for +20 hours on hold so we could add our baby onto our flight as the website would not allow it.

3. The chat agent was rude and after adding our baby onto the flight (We took a screenshot) the agent went in and removed our baby from the flight. We have screenshots. Yes, this seems unbelievable but it happened.

The counter people were friendly but the website, chat, phone, and baggage offer was 10x worse than what we have ever had to deal with before.

Do not fly with them. I never write reviews but this was so bad others need to know."

james fleming says

"DO NOT BOOK an Avianca flight. The customer service is SHOCKING. It's impossible to speak with anyone and they do not honour their cancellation policy. Also, they made me book a return flight from a transit destination before letting me board their flight! Why would I need a return ticket from a country I am only in transit with! CRAZY."

cyber cookie says

"Shockingly bad service!! Flights to UK cancelled and they can’t give me a refund or a voucher and the reason why - ‘it will take us 1 to 10 days to find out what our policy is’!!!! Tried rerouting my journey via Madrid and they cut me off after being on the phone for over 2 hours. Avianca should not be allowed to trade as a company. Avianca, FOR YOUR INFORMATION, the UK IS NOT MY FINAL DESTINATION!!"

Eugenio Felipe says

"The webpage literally did not accept my payment, and when trying to rebook, they increased the price of the tickets. The first time this happened, I thought it was my mistake at the moment of checkout, now that it happened again, there is no way it was my mistake. Changing prices when you are in the middle of a transaction, really?"

AD says

"Terrible customer service. Their phone network is garbage and their professionalism is non-existent. Good luck making any changes to a flight, you might as well purchase a separate fare. Surprised they are part of Star Alliance with such horrible service."

Tomas Cundins says

"I had my tickets purchaced 6 months ago from Buenos Aires to Miami and not only they did not notify me that the flight was cancelled 5 days before, they cant even place me in a flight within the week. I asked days at work for this flight and i will be loosing them all. They said they couldnt place me in a full flight. So how did you decide who can fly and who cant? Why do others have priority? The offices are not even working so no one can properly arrange a flight for me, not even in another airline.

I dont recomend at all. Its a scam. Selling tickets and postponing them on purpose."

Antony Luxton says

"A truly horrible experience. 1 out of 5 is extremely generous.
Lies, delaying tactics and unscrupulous profiteering.
We had £3k of March/April booked flights with Avianca that were cancelled due to COVID and it has been a nightmare to rebook new flights. Over 5 phonecalls (each approx 2hrs) i was told a range of conflicting lies about unfundable taxes, fabricated 'penalties' for booking flights, additional charges that would apply when booking flights on certain dates (like over Christmas and New Year). Every person spoken to told a different story, they are making it up as they go along."

Peter Hamilton says

"Our Bag was opened, a card slipped inside but expensive items stolen. This after a terrible flight, supposedly business class but treated like cattle"

Alex Cresswell says

"Terrible customer service who spent more than 5 days to resolve a simple problem. Ultimately, they don't have a good process for rescheduling seats for paying customers.

In total I spent more than 25hrs sorting out and re-instating my existing seat and I had to pay them a further £600 !"

Alessandro says

"Worst company ever. My flight got cancelled and they never reimbursed me. Every time I contact them, I wait hours and get no help from them. Disgusting behaviour. I better call a lawyer to get my money back"

Israel Barahona says

"This people have no customer relations value. After 2 hours holding to speak with a representative they were not able to answer my questions about taking a service dog on the plane. When they put you on hold is just dead silence but the call is still active, when finally the representative comes on the line they continue to place you on hold until you get tired of waiting and just drop off the line."

Unknown says

"The worst customer service. Have been on hold waiting for a representative for 2 hours now. I have no idea how this airline is still in business."

Erik G. says

"No one answering the phone, e-mail, chat, or WhatsApp hotline. They cancelled a flight due to covid-19 and are not refunding my ticket.

Also, they recently filed for bankruptcy. Stay away from Avianca."

William Ariza says

"Bought tickets which were cancelled because of COVID, which I get, I don't have an issue with that but it's been since July 21st, 2020 that I requested my money back and still haven't received it and all I get is BS excuses from Customer Service with no possible ETA on when I'll get MY money back"

Byron Castro Vega says

"I see many complaints similar to mine; I am still waiting ( after 7 months) for a refund for my cancelled ticket (Avianca).
My suggestion filed a complaint with BBB (Better Business Bureau) I just did. Hopefully, they will help/advise since Avianca will not."

pierre mercier says

"due to covid i got stuck in Nicaragua for 8 month so since november 1st it was the only way out of Managua via San Salvador Taca . service on board is inexistent its a joke not even a glass of water on a 4 hour flight , next connecting flight got diverted to another airport due to bad weather stuck in plane few hours yet niet service... but the ticketwas more expensive than ever" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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